Making it Easier to
Find, Join, & Borrow From Credit Unions

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Taking the Mystery Out of Membership Eligibility

Finding the Right Credit Union
Can Be Difficult-Too Difficult!

As a result, many potential
members give up on joining credit
unions and turn to banks.

Help Eligible Consumers
Find, Join, & Borrow From Your Credit Union

Our search engine powers the findings
of consumer facing financial sites, which
allows your credit union to show up in
more eligible consumer's searches.

Minimize Drop-Off
Rates & Grow Faster

JoinCU verifies a consumer's eligibility
using as few inputs as possible,
increasing online conversion rates,
resulting in cheaper, faster, growth.

Monetize Ineligible
Consumer Traffic & Denials

We want to make sure that everyone joins
a credit union. So, if a customer cannot join
your credit union, we find a credit union
chat they can join... and you get paid!

A Platform for the Credit Union Industry

  • White Label

    JoinCU is available to white
    label and can be customized
    to match your website.

  • API

    JoinCU is available as an API &
    can be seamlessly integrated
    into existing solutions.

  • Understand Your Traffic

    Learn about the consumers trying
    to join your credit union so that
    you can improve your marketing.

  • Business Development

    Identify opportunities to expand
    your FOM to ensure more interested
    consumers join your credit union.

  • Compliance

    Our tool is ADA compliant

  • Security

    We encrypt all the data we collect from
    end to end & host it in one of the most
    secure data centers on the planet.

Voices from our Customers and Industry Professionals

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