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Network of Credit Unions

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Attract New Members

Attract eligible consumers to join
your credit union and broaden who
can join your credit union.

Better Informed Decisions

Learn from other credit union's
experiences so you can maker
better decisions.

Build Strong Partnerships

Identify credit unions and vendors
that can help you grow faster while
reducing expenses.

Empowering Credit Unions with Collaborative Research Tools

Providing Credit
Unions with Tools,
Resources and a

JoinCU - Making it Easier to Join Credit Unions

Taking the Mystery Out of
Membership Eligibility

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Help Eligible Consumers
Find & Join Your Credit Union

52% of consumers research financial products online
in ways that effectively exclude credit unions.
JoinCU, allows credit unions to show up in these searches
and helps you attract eligible new members and borrowers.

Solutions Built for Credit Unions

Makes it Easier for Consumers to
Find Credit Unions They Can Join

Helps Credit Unions Better
Serve Their Members

Two Solutions - One Mission
Collaboration That Helps Credit Unions Thrive

Credit Unions Already Collaborating

Voices from our Customers and Industry Professionals

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